The Project

The Modeling & Simulation (M&S) Capability for Resource Consumption and Consequence Management was developed to assist with attack and disaster preparation, recovery and response planning for a mass evacuation event. The M&S capability promotes the ability to imagine by enabling emergency planners to design, run, and compare dynamic, "what-if" time-aware simulations depicting the impacts of a mass evacuation upon critical infrastructure and resource consumption.

The M&S system simulates the impact of evacuees on the transportation infrastructure and the consumption of resources including fuel, water, first aid, and shelter. Users can activate and deactivate shelters, place barriers, and enforce fuel rationing using the simulation tool. Activation of resources (such as shelters and first aid) have a startup and per occupant cost which are deducted from a "warchest" which is defined by the user for their particular simulation experience. The type and inventory of supplies (i.e., radios, quantity 500) available in the warchest are defined and customized by the user during the creation of a simulation. The simulation logic utilizes over 30 subject matter expert approved scenario parameters that are user-defined to model nearly infinite types of situations.